Thank you for considering me to do a reading for you and taking the time to read this.

My approach to tarot is as a tool for self-discovery and reflection of what our energy is projecting to the Universe around us. My Tarot Cards will show you back what you need to see about yourself like a Soul Mirror, highlighting things that you might be overlooking or not even too aware of, and showing how this is influencing what you Attract and Manifest into your reality.

With the amazing awakening sweeping up our world, there are so many people opening up to the ancient wisdom and guidance the Tarot has to offer. All Readers have their own take and their own personal way of exploiting this, so getting a Reading from a variety of people is always enriching in many ways and key for finding those who resonate the most with your own truth and essence.

I personally believe nothing is written in stone, and that anyone may change their vibrations to get different results than the ones proposed by the cards. I don’t consider what I do ‘fortune telling’, I see it more as energetic reflection and guidance. Anyone is welcome to request a tarot reading from me. I am always happy to try and share what my decks have to say, as long as I am taken seriously in my work, since I use all my knowledge and tools to deliver an accurate reading to the best of my abilities.

Something that you will find if you want to book a Tarot reading with me is the chance to choose from a variety of decks. I’m not a huge collector but I like having different options to read from. Each deck has its particular way of sharing messages and they will pick up on different things sometimes, depending on your inquiries, so you might choose bearing that in mind or just see which one calls to you the most and feels more congruent to your energy.

Shadowscapes Tarot


Osho Zen Tarot


Anne Stoke’s Gothic Tarot


Yeager Tarot of Meditation


Book of Shadows Tarot

One of the most interesting features of this deck is that it’s in fact two whole decks. As Above and So Below work wonders together as they do separately.