Thank you for considering me to do a reading for you and taking the time to read this.

Oracle Decks work in quite a different way than Tarot ones. While Tarot Decks have their own personality and language, they still reflect your own energies. Oracle Decks, on the other hand, carry the energies of particular Guides or Light Beings, or just a certain Vibration that is open and willing to help you and connect with you, if you’re open to them.

The way I use them, Oracles carry more energy in themselves and work as a form of “astral beeper” to page and connect directly to healing, supportive vibrations to raise your own and work towards your goals and dreams with a specialist astral plane support team.

They work great combined with Tarot cards, as the latter tend to better explain and complement the Oracle’s energy and “translate” it into our day to day enhancing these energies.

Kuan Yin Oracle

Fairy Oracle

Dryads Oracle

Oracle Readings
Single Card £7.00 GBP
Triple Card £11.00 GBP
Full Circle £15.00 GBP
Chakras £17.00 GBP
Single Card (+Tarot) £11.00 GBP
Two Sides (+Tarot) £11.00 GBP