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All readings unless specified can be purchased as a live session or email PDF file.

Akashic Records Reading Channelling Live ONLY (aprox 90min, all questions welcome) £55
Past Lives Reading (Cards and Channelling) £33
Inner Child Assessment Reading(Cards and Channelling) £33
Karma Dispensation Assessment Reading(Cards and Channelling) £33
Chakras Alignment Assessment Reading (Cards and Channelling) £33
Higher-self discovery and message £22

Single Oracle Card Reading £7
Triple Goddess Oracle Card Reading £11
Pentacle/Full Circle Oracle Card Reading £15
Chakras Oracle Cards Reading £17

Single Oracle card with Tarot background Reading £11
Two sides Oracle and Tarot Reading £11


Small £7 
Situation-Advice Spread (2 cards) – Where do you stand now? How to proceed? This simple spread might give lots to think and a new point of view in a troubling situation.
Energy-Outcome Spread (2 cards) – What is it that you’re sending out towards the Universe? How may it respond if you remain this way? It can be a true eye opener if things are not working according to your plans.
Sunlight and Moonlight Spread (2 cards) – Our surroundings always affect us, and while there’s some energy that is clear for all, there are also other energies that might work at subconscious level. This spread analyses both types of energy around you.
Maiden, Mother and Crone Spread (3 cards) – More than a past-present-future spread, the Maiden, Mother and Crone add their spirit to the different stages of your situation.
Dos and Don’ts spread (3 cards) – Direct advice regarding how to deal with a certain situation. What should you do and avoid to reach a desirable outcome?

Medium £11 
Message from the Universe Spread (4 cards) – A card of advice each for your Physical body, your Intellectual body, your Emotional body and your Spiritual body. Attempting to improve and balance your body, mind, heart and soul.
Thorough Situational Spread (4 cards) – Adding to the Situational Spread, not just where you stand and how to proceed, but also what lead you to be there and how it might turn up if things were to remain unchanged.
Comparative Possibility Spread (5-7 cards) – Compare where two different paths may lead you.
Dream Pyramid Spread (6 cards) – Direct guidance on how to achieve a dream or aim.
Hekate’s Key Spread (6 cards) – If you’re feeling blocked somehow in your life, this spread shows a path to deal with what is stopping you.
Relationship Situation Spread (7 cards) – Focusing on a current relationship status, love or otherwise. It might enlighten you on how to strengthen it and what both your expectations seem to be leading.
Chakras Spread (7 cards) – One card for each of the main chakras in your body will give a good idea of how different areas of your life are faring.

Long £22 
Triple Goddess Spread (9 cards) – A very magical spread, unveiling all aspects of the Divine Feminine at work in your life and situation at this time and projections and advice into the future.
Birthday Spread (9 cards) – Elemental spread to help you guide your year towards your desired direction. A great gift to yourself!
Celtic Cross Spread (10 cards) – Traditional and very thorough situational spread, with advice and considering many variables affecting it.
Manor Spread (10 cards) – Jungian spread analysing all areas of your current personality by correlating them to a room in a Manor House. Very personal and thorough.
Planetary Spread (9 cards) – Astrological-based reading each planet reflecting upon one area of your life and how your energy is affecting it.
Zodiac Spread (12 cards) – A thorough analysis of the different vibrations you send out as a person and how you stand in the Universe. A card for each sign focusing on each affirmation of them.
New Year Mandala Spread (13 cards) – A card for each month’s energy, surrounding what would be the Spirit of the year or something you might want to focus on throughout.