Akashic Records

Thank you so much for your trust, openness and interest in sharing this experience with me.

No clue what these Akashic Records are?

Well, fortunately, there’s any number of explanations going around ranging from intense quantum physics to mentions in holy scriptures such as the Bible and Quoran, among others.

In short, the Akashic Records are the written memory in your DNA and RNA, which is guarded by your Higher Self but let’s expand a bit more.

The word ‘Akashic’ comes from Sanskrit language and means ‘Ethereal’. Ether is the non-physical substance from which everything that is alive in the Universe is made of, and it is the record or registry where all our memories, experiences and feelings are stored. This “Book of Life”, as it is referred to in some religious texts, is held literally in the space between the atoms that form your current body.

Your DNA holds everything that you inherit from your family system, lineage, body and genetics in this life. Your RNA holds all which your Soul has been gathering through all the times and spaces in which it has chosen to experience and learn from, together with its need to evolve. This is also where your Life’s Purpose lays.

How I see it, if your life today was a book, the akashic records would be the spaces in between the words, making everything you’re experiencing and doing actually make sense!

How does this work? Well, take some breaths together to relax and open up, then I say a wee sacred prayer to connect directly to the vibration of your Higher Self (a.k.a. Divine Sparkle, Soul, or however you feel comfortable referring to it) and I channel it to answer your questions, always in the pursue of your spiritual growth and the highest good of everyone involved.

In a consultation, you may ask any question you feel necessary to find your balance and inner peace; inquire about your behaviour patterns, or become more aware of what is leading your decision making; for your Highest Good and the Highest Good of everyone involved. 

Some possible questions might be:
1- What behaviours do I need to be made aware of to find balance?

2- How could I overcome my difficulty with…/my relationship with… and what else do I need to learn about it?

3- What path would benefit me most today towards my goal of abundance/health/etc?

4- What is my main conflict today? How do I solve it?

5- What is my gift and how can I consciously put it to practice to accomplish my Life’s Purpose?

These are just some ideas for you to explore should any resonate with you at the time of the consultation. The actual reading may take different forms according to your needs at the time, but a number of different experiences might be in store for you, depending on your openness and readiness, it might include visualisation techniques, inner child connection, Karma dispensation, psychomagic exercises, cellular memory healing and past lives regressions, among others. It is always a surprise to me too, since no one can tell what the reading is going to entail until I’m already channelling. Please bear in mind that whatever comes up from the connection with your Soul, will be for your Highest Good and that of those around you, physically or ethereally. This will generate changes which will make your life and that of those around you more harmonious and blissful.

This amazing tool begins to work in the Astral Planes the moment you book an appointment and begin to think your questions. The conversation that actually occurs is only a part of the energy being shifted in your etheric body and for the healing and changes to manifest, it may take up between four to six months. It’s recommended to space Akashic Readings in this way so as to not overwhelm yourself and make sure everything addressed is internalised and manifesting in the best way possible.

This type of reading works best as an interaction, therefore I always try my best to make it live. You’ll have to think of a time when you’ll have as much privacy as possible for at least one hour, and a place where you feel comfortable and safe. It would be best for me and my personal practice if we could do this over video-chat (I work with Skype, Google Hangouts and FaceTime), but over voice calls works just as well, for those who might be camera shy or just love to stay in their jammies.

There’s not much to do from your side afterwards. Self-care and compassion as needed, basically and the trust that your Higher Self and the Highest God-Source of the Universe have your back!

Full LIVE reading £55.00 GBP
Past Lives Reading £33.00 GBP
Inner Child £33.00 GBP
Karma Dispensation £33.00 GBP
Chakra Alignment £33.00 GBP
Higher Self £22.00 GBP