About Lumina

13129274_1786818298208020_2051251514_nMy name is Lucía and I’m a Reader currently based in Uruguay, in South America.

I hold an Education diploma and further Counselling certification from Edinburgh College in Scotland, which I use to deliver my Readings in the best way possible. Although most of my development as a Reader happened rather intuitively. I’ve always been an Empath and very much called to work with the Cards since my early teens but I was also traditionally trained by an advanced Tarot reader.

I began my professional practice in 2012, as a Tarot reader, and as I felt called to, included some intuitive Oracle readings as well. As I began feeling there was more I could do for my Querents, I expanded my area of work by getting Usui Reiki attunements and working with Guided Meditations to help overcome the difficulties we could pinpoint with the Cards.

Finally, I was guided towards the Akashic Records and received my ARCI validated certification as an Akashic Records Consultant in 2014. It is through them that I channel Spirit Guides and your own Higher Self, who guide me to apply varied practices during my readings including visualisation techniques, Karma dispensation, psychomagic exercises, cellular memory healing and past lives regressions.

Since then, I’ve strived to merge all my tools for the best experience possible to meet the needs of my Querents with their highest good and that of everyone involved at heart.

On a personal level, I’m an ANFP in the Myers-Briggs personality test (A being for Ambivert) and an Aquarius Sun, Sagittarius Moon and Capricorn Rising Starseed. My personal Spirit Guides include the buddhist Goddess Kuan Yin and Archangel Haniel; among other less famous but equally bright Light Beings. Some of my animal totems include the Raven, the Mountain Lion and (my personal favourite) the Skunk ❤

I live near the beach with my partner Gonzalo (who runs an organic produce shop), and I love enjoying sunshine, nature and books, in no particular order.

But that’s the “official” and “professional” info…
Do you really want to know My Story?

Of course I wasn’t always who I am now. In fact, I spent most of my life trying to figure out who I was supposed to be to please everyone around me and as you may have found out, that leads to not pleasing anyone, including yourself.

I grew up in a very Patriarchal family with a fairly scientific approach to Christianity. Logic, Reason and Understanding were the foundation to leading a life of Guilt, Shame, Repentance and Scarcity. Needless to say I stuck out like a sore thumb. I grew up working hard to suppress things I felt in my heart to be true in order to earn some respect and understanding, that never really came in the long run anyway.

I’ve felt alienated from my whole environment since I was a kid. At school, I was repeated over and over that I had “too many fantasies”, “no one had had an imaginary friend before”, and as I grew older and wasn’t “cute” anymore, I became a Liar in their eyes. I owned up to that title in my teenage years because that’s who I was told to be.

When I became a Teacher, I was also looked down on. You know how the saying goes “Those that can’t do, teach” and I could feel my own value diminishing with each step I made trying to make up for my alleged short-comings. Of course I attracted boyfriend after boyfriend to continue reinforcing these familiar perceptions.

I spent around seven years self-harming mixed with intense psychological therapy, and developed at least 2 auto-immune diseases which were my body’s way of self-harming too. When I suffered my first panic attack, I was told by a doctor I had to “be strong”. I felt alone, with no one to rely on (not even myself) and I thought that fitting in would never be possible to someone like me. So “awkward” and such a “softy”. I felt completely inappropriate in every possible way.

I had a number of breakdown after breakdown, and my breakthroughs came slowly. I traveled far, but returned ashamed of “wasting” my money. I broke up from an abusive relationship, but found one just as toxic in its place. I moved countries for a fresh start, and still I would let the influences of people back home determine what I did. I took one step back for every stumble forward I managed but that was exactly what I needed. I’m not made for sudden changes, even though I might think I want them, they tear me up inside. I’m a slow changer, I’ve learned that now, and even though this society is so keen on telling us that getting everything done faster is better, it was definitely not the case for me. It took me 25 years to learn what the case for me was and to accept that whatever it was IT WAS FINE.

Looking into my spirituality and opening to the metaphysical world, I learned how to flow. I learned to accept and to embrace, not just me, but everything in my life. Even the stumbles and the weirdness and the rejection. I’m still working hard to unlearn everything that doesn’t match my authenticity. Judgements are my toughest enemy. I still feel like a Weirdo sometimes, and Awkward and Softy but all those words have a completely different meaning to me now. I love being perceived as different or sensitive. I own who I am and I understand who that is, without defiance to those who can’t. I’m finally comfortable with being who I am. I also understand it is in my hands to CREATE who I want to be, the same way it can be in YOUR hands, should you choose to look deep into your Soul’s Journey.


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